Chaos Ascendant-

I had to give it a name. And, this is a name that fits.

This is an Eberron campaign. Taking place on the continent of Khorvaire (so far!)

Our intrepid group of adventurers has gotten themselves deeply involved in plots within plots. Or, it may just be that it seems that way.

What they do know, is that have have trekked 1/3 of the way across the continent just to lose part of what they found to a vampire. Naturally, they are less than pleased about this, and if they come across him again, in better circumstances…

This campaign is picking up from the 1st WotC Eberron module. It is heavily modded with St. Monte Cook’s Books of Experimental Might, Pathfinder rules, and plenty of ideas, creatures, and items drawn from the Tomes of Horror by Necromancer Games and St. Monte Cook’s Chaositech.

More to come here.

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Chaos Ascendant